Gurman: iPhone 14 may include emergency messaging via satellite and SOS

A new report says Apple's iPhone 14 may have satellite connectivity for emergency messaging and SOS responses, a feature that will appear on the Apple Watch one day.

In an extensive report on the Apple Watch, Gurman noted that the company is planning to bring satellite connectivity to the Apple Watch in the future, to allow users emergency messaging and SOS response features. . However, this person thinks that feature will first debut on the iPhone 14 generation.

“They plan to release those features on the iPhone as early as this year, this technology will allow users to send text messages to rescuers over a satellite network and report incidents.” the report said.

Reportedly, this was a feature that was previously rumored to appear on the Phone 13 series, but in the end, it did not happen. Gurman at the time said that the iPhone 13 Pro Max would have possible emergency features to transmit short emergency text messages and send SOS distress signals during plane crashes or a sinking ship.

In the report, Gurman reiterated his prediction that Apple plans to launch not one but three new Apple Watches this year, including a new Series 8 model, a low-cost Watch SE, and a durable version. Belgium is aimed at athletes who play dangerous sports.

He also announced that watchOS 9 will feature a new low-power mode that will allow users to have more functionality on devices like the Apple Watch Series 7 than the current low-power mode.

Posted 2 years ago by Tungtata